onwardbtc Review – Avoid


whenever something looks too good to be true… it usually isn’t true. This is the case with ‘The Best Trading Signals for Bitcoin’ promiser – Onwardbtc.com. The company is based in Switzerland – the land of stolen Nazi gold and overpriced chocolate and for just $59 a month, these charlatans will help you lose all your money.

Yes, for only $59 a month or just 0.75 BTC, you can get access to losing signals. For $294, you can get six months of losing signals and lose even more money.

The signs are all there.. 6 months in operation – only 6 likes on facebook

whilst there are a plethora of pretty coloured graphs, it’s all meaningless as the signals they send might as well be based on a toss of a coin.

This is a company preying on those without trading or cryptocurrency knowledge and should be avoided unless you WANT to lose your money.

Forex signals are hard enough but consistently producing Bitcoin signals in a market we know is price manipulated, to make the sort of promises onwardbtc makes is just taking the piss.

There is no shortage of free telegram groups and crypto forums which can give far more accurate signals than Onwardbtc, so save your money and avoid these Swiss scammers

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