EU Commission Say ‘Real’ Brexit Talks to Begin After Elections


As the British general elections have been announced, the EU is waiting patiently for the results. An EU spokesman said that ‘Real’ Brexit talks will begin only after June 8. It is quite likely that the negotiations for the Brexit vote would take place only after the new government is in power. The 2-year long process will certainly need a stable administration. As the deadlines for different levels of negotiation are decided, European Commission prefers to wait.

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Brexit Changing Dynamics

Earlier, a UK official said that the location of EU agencies based in London will be a part of Brexit negotiations. However, the EU has now cleared that London will have no say in this matter.  The authorities in question include the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and European Banking Authority (EBA). After an early call for elections, British PM Theresa May talked to Jean-Claude Juncker on phone. They both talked about Article 50. An EU spokesman said that both parties will negotiate Brexit only after the polls. It would be better for London to negotiate with a new leadership. However, it might also mean significant changes in thought between the incoming and outgoing leaders.

‘Real’ Brexit

The EU spokesman clarified that the Union did not delay the negotiations deliberately owing to the elections. The negotiation talks had to begin in June per the deadline. The EU would have started talks even if the elections had not been called prematurely. Note that 27 of the remaining countries of the Union will met on April 29th to decide the bloc’s position. We will know if it will be a ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ Brexit by May, when EU releases the legal text.

EU and British Elections

The commission said that it would not interfere with domestic issues of Britain, including the elections. The spokesman states that the commission is not going campaigning or participating in any debates related to the elections. The new Prime Minister of the UK will follow the same negotiation schedule as before. Theresa May clearly suggested that she wanted the elections to take place before negotiations begin. She stated that she wanted a clear mandate on Brexit before talks start formally. The incoming PM candidate would need a House of Commons majority to pave a smooth way for the negotiations.

Britain will have to cope with domestic tensions before they can formally take a stance on ‘Real’ Brexit. The leadership of the incoming Prime Minister will be the guiding light in turbulent times.

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