Israeli, Indian Tech Changing the DNA of DNA


DNAtix Ltd, a blockchain genetics company based in Israel, has teamed up with Mapmygenome, a molecular diagnostics company based in India, to change the way people’s personal genome data can be used within the healthcare sector.

The Israeli company DNAtix Ltd based in Givatayim, a small city bordering Tel Aviv, provides a direct to consumer (D2C) platform, offering a wide range of genome testing, as well as access to services and solutions using blockchain technology. By partnering with Hyderabad-based molecular diagnostics company Mapmygenome, the blockchain genetics firm will research genetic makeup differently, making anonymity and security a key priority

The DNAtix platform enables anyone to upload partial or full genome sequences anonymously to the platform. Once uploaded, the person gets access to the genetics data so that they can make informed decisions regarding healthcare. Also, the DNAtix platform links individual users who are searching for solutions to genetically based lifestyle and health problems with services and products that match their needs. Ofer A Lidsky, the CEO of DNAtix, says the DNAtix platform will also enable researchers the use of anonymous DNA kept in storage for testing purposes, to conduct research, and formulate  new treatments.

Lidsky said iin a statement: “India is an important market for the use of DNAtix blockchain-based genetic services, based on population numbers alone. Mapmygenome is a major player in the field of genetics and this partnership opens up a tremendous opportunity to help more people really utilisze genetic testing and research.”

Mapmygenome, provides a widerange of genetic tests. It is hoped that the partnership between the Indian and Israeli companies will lead to people being able to explore their genetic make up, without having to co,promise on the anonymity and the security of the data.

Anu Acharya, CEO of Mapmygenome said: “It will give more power to consumer to ensure security of personal, genetic data.”

A Breakthrough in Blockchain and Healthcare Technology


in June, DNAtix announced  that the company are piloting an ecosystem for anonymous genetic testing. Emphasizing the “sensitive” nature of genetic data, the company is making use of blockchain technology so that the user’s information enjoys complete anonymity.

Healthcare and  blockchain together is a concept that is still very much in in its infancy. DNAtix are believed to be the first of its kind to use blockchain to enable payment for genetic tests allowing complete confidentiality to the person providing  the sample. DNAtix was  the first company to release a blockchain-based open source tool for DNA compression tool.

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