Is Nina Cuso the Next Big Thing?

source: facebook

You can be forgiven if you haven’t already heard of the name Nina Cuso. However, you might not be so easily forgiven come the end of 2019.

Despite only being 25 years old, Nina Cuso, is taking the fashion world by storm. This, having started her fashion design career exactly 12 months ago in February 2018. What began as a collaboration with Jaxon Yong, creating the Jxy n’ Cuso collection, launched at the official New York Fashion Week venue, quickly developed into launch own brand under her own name.

About Nina Cuso

Born Christina Michael Mancuso in October 1993, Nina was raised as a single child in Los Angeles by her mother Michelle Fuller. Having graduated the prestigious Wherry Academy, Nina made the bold decision to move to New York, primarily to concentrate on her acting and modeling career. Nina suspended her studies at the world famous Parsons School of Design, and combined her part time actress work with being an editor at legendary fashion magazines Vogue and Elle.

It was in 2016 that Nina appeared on the top reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” The episode “Unbreakable,” saw Nina Cuso appear as herself, as an assistant costume designer. The appearance on one of the most watched TV shows on earth helped propel Nina’s fashion design career. 2016 was also the year that Nina had a prominent part in the Hollywood movie Ocean’s 8. Her role of a Vogue magazine editor was considered perfect casting.

Fashion Design With a Conscious

After the critical acclaim received from the New York Fashion Week. Nina dedicated herself to building a brand centered around social awareness and founded on ending gender discrimination. The unisex clothes Nina creates do not just discriminate against gender, they also do not discriminate against body shape.

What Nina is instilling in the fashion world is a sense of conscious and social responsibility that many have felt lacking. By creating and promoting social and cultural awareness, sustainability, ethnicity and equality Nina is breaking the mold in the fashion world.

Nina Cuso is successfully leading by style and example. If 2018 was considered the year that fashion world sat up and took notice of Nina, then 2019 is the year the rest of the world will too. The ready to wear Spring collection is already going down a storm, whilst Summer 2019 is expected to be even bigger.

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