Volt Raises More Funds for Workout App Expansion

US start-up Volt has raised more money in its latest funding round. The Seattle based company which calls itself the No. 1 AI workout app has successfully raised $1.1 million in equity along with another $1 million in debt as part of the latest funding round.

Volt has now raised a total nearing $4 million since its launch six years ago.

integrating workouts and exercise within the workplace has been a growth industry over the last few decades. Often, a gym membership be it discounted or on-premise has not been enough to meet the exercise demands and health expectations of the company’s workers. More and more new solutions have to be found with research showing that for the best pre workout for women in 2020 and indeed for men, it is carried out within the workplace.

This is part of the target audience of Volt. Their move away from just pure sports training into the areas of general fitness and tactical training started around half a year ago. The company now boasts over one million users in total spread around 150 countries.

As well as being used by 5000 sports teams, Volt counts a number of military groups, fire and police departments as its users. However, the company, headed by Dan Giuliani, an ex-professor of sports performance at the University of Washington as well as a former football coach, sees companies looking to replace or initiate a wellness program as a big growth area for the future.

Although the app is free, Volt charges between $9.99 and $99.99 for an assortment of workout programs and services. The app offers personalized workouts for all different kinds of sporting activities and training goals, utilizing artificial intelligence to adapt exercises and workout routines as they reach various fitness and strength goals.

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