Storage West Offers A Work From Home Solution

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The last eighteen months have been tumultuous. The coronavirus pandemic has swept the globe and changing many of our day to day lives and activities.

One of the biggest changes seen in our everyday lives from the pandemic is working from home (WFH). According to Statista, 30% of employees in the US work remotely, whilst 145 million people use Microsoft teams every day. More and more companies are enabling and allowing work from home. Now companies like Amazon and American Express are factoring remote employees into their future plans and storage companies like Storage West can help.

With more and more people working from home these days, companies Storage West can help you with your self storage solutions By cleaning out that spare room or shed, you could reclaim the space needed to have your own business office or office space.

Create a work from home solution

There is no need to dispose of your much loved and valuable furniture to create the space needed. what you can do instead, is rent storage units at Storage West and still get to keep all those sentimental or valuable pieces whilst having the space to work comfortably and productively at home. This is something that is important as like or not, the work from home option is becoming a reality throughout many different industries and countries.

Also at Storage West, should you take up their Here for You Guarantee, there are even more benefits for a remote worker. The most important of which is they will reimburse you for up to $3,000 in losses should something happen to the storage units you rented.

So, whether it is a guest room, a shed, or just some space in one of the other rooms, making use of a self-storage solution and decluttering the area to make yourself a comfortable space that you can work in will pay dividends. In today’s modern working environment it is worth giving the idea of renting some self-storage units some serious consideration and if you are lucky enough to live in Storage West’s coverage, you can choose them.

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