Rcoin Global Will Integrate into the World’s Largest Smart Contract Blockchain


The Rcoin Global Project has as its native token the RCG, the protocol created to serve people, companies, and voluntary donations. It focuses on integration via API (application programming interface) with marketplace and e-commerce companies. The protocol announced it is upgrading to the most trusted smart contract blockchain on the planet, Ethereum.

This new upgrade will enable users who own RCG tokens to store them in wallet applications like Trust wallet and even use a physical Trezor wallet. With the rise of e-commerce the RCG token gets a major upgrade, this will allow access to numerous online applications and greater decentralization as Ethereum’s network is the most secure when it comes to smart contracts.

Ethereum has already reached historic price marks in 2021 hitting over $50 billion in market volume. Created in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin, writer and programmer. The 26-year-old Russian-Canadian took Bitcoin’s blockchain as a base and created a feature that is causing a revolution in several segments, the SMART CONTRACTS. The Ethereum blockchain is now robust and extremely secure.

Ethereum is in multiple applications and is becoming prominent worldwide.
“The listing of ethereum futures on a regulated exchange should serve to enhance the crypto market structure, allowing investors to gain exposure to the second most important cryptocurrency as a diversifier to bitcoin,” JPMorgan strategists affirmed in a note to clients.

This important step for the Rcoin RCG utility token, showing that the path of Ethereum network protocols are increasingly reliable following the advancement of blockchain technology.



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