NoBanx Launches in Cyprus


A new type of online payment method hits Cyprus in the form of e-commerce crypto

NoBanx, the tech platform which connects online retailers to the crypto world officially launches on the 27th of May, 2021. The company is the first in Cyprus to offer the service of API-connected crypto payment gateways to online stores and shops in Cyprus.

Headed by the Cypriot entrepreneur Andrew Anastasiou, the company is amongst one of the most innovative start-ups in Cyprus and has a direct aim to “bring Cyprus into the 21st century”. Speaking with Andrew Anastasiou, who has the role of Chairman and Founder, he told us that the main goal of the project is the make Cyprus the “tech hub” that is deserves to be.

Andrew Anastasiou, a Cypriot entrepreneur born on the 11th of December, 1988 in London, the United Kingdom has been praised for his efforts in digitizing Cyprus when it comes to online payments and his passion for the small Mediterranean island hasn’t gone unnoticed, with large publications located in Cyprus picking up multiple articles about the 32-year-old businessman.

With NoBanx, e-commerce merchants and online retailers have the opportunity to offer crypto payments to their customers easily via a fully functional and integrated API. As well as this, merchants will have their own “online crypto bank” with NoBanx, meaning that each deposit is instantly placed into their account, identical to traditional wire transfer solutions from bank accounts.

The project quickly took off since its first mention in the news, with over 200 pre-registrations made which will go live once the company launches in late May. The pure innovative mindset of Andrew Anastasiou just goes to show that Cyprus and Cypriots can bring about change in the industry and for the best, and Andrew Anastasiou told us that he really wants to put Cyprus on the map with this new project and hopes to have the backing of authorities in order to make the project a success.

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