Foobee Launch Captures Public Imagination


The crypto world with around 5000 coins currently in existence is a competitive and crowded marketplace. New crypto projects get launched daily and only a very few stand out and end up standing the test of time.

One project that does stand out from the crowd and is making a seamless transition from project with the potential to project fulfilling the potential is Foobee.

Billed as the world’s first “Swipe-to-Earn” social dating application, Foobee manages to fuse the exciting worlds of Dating, Social Media and eCommerce with the crypto world and enable people to earn simply from interacting and engaging with like-minded people. You get to build your network, from a dating or social point of view and then get rewarded for your engagement.

It really is that simple and it is its simplicity and ease of use that is winning the public over. Backed up with a thorough KYC (Know Your Customer) process, Foobee brings a level of security and transparency that has been sorely lacking in the online dating world. And the public can’t get enough of Foobee so far.

Foobee’s Successful Pre-launch

Despite a relatively low-key marketing campaign, Foobee, with its clear and defined roadmap, has captured the public imagination. Talk of Foobee has been all over social media and crypto forums. It is hard to find anything negative about Foobee.

People are loving the concept of swipe to earn combined with a wide-ranging eCommerce platform. And it shows. As well as exponential growth in users in just a short space of time, the pre-sale launch was a huge success, with millions of Foobee tokens snapped up almost immediately.

Every now and again a crypto project becomes impossible to ignore. Foobee’s simplicity in concept, professionalism in team holistic approach makes Foobee *that* project it would be unwise to try and ignore.

Find out more about Foobee here.

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