Quarashi’s Ticks the All the Right Boxes… Anonymously

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As COVID rampaged around the world at the start of 2021, so did our data. By the end of January this year, already at least 214 million social media users from Facebook and Instagram, and LinkedIn along with 70 TB of leaked information from social media app, Parler, had their data hacked.

Whilst some of the big messaging apps such as Signal and Telegram claim to be anonymous, the fact that you have to enter a telephone number or email address means that despite all the fanfare, they are not completely anonymous and untraceable.

The Quarashi messaging app is 100% encrypted, with advanced End-to-End Encryption (E2E). It also does not need any email address or telephone number to use. Messages self destruct , there’s no location tracker and with no back up or hidden history you would be hard pressed to find a messaging app with this level of anonymity and untraceability.

Quarashi – More Than Just a Messaging App

There is more to the Quarashi Network than just an anonymous messaging app. The app is part an innovative ecosystem which also includes:

Quarashi Wallet – this multi-crypto wallet is integrated into the messaging system and enables the users using the easy-to-use Quarashi interface to safely manage, send & receive the native Quarashi Network Token (QUA) and other cryptocurrencies.

Quarashi Exchange – trade over 100 of the top crypto coins on this ethereum blockchain powered exchange.

IDO Launchpad – The hottest investment method at the moment. Quarashi connects investors with project owners.

Quarashi Public Sale Soon

From the hundreds of tokens being launched on an almost weekly basis, the Quarashi project stands out from the crowd.

Packed full of features such earning referral rewards and airdrops, Quarashi and the Quarashi Network Token (QUA) offer an all in one solution to today’s crypto user and trader.

Whilst the ground-breaking messaging app with its true anonymity is the obvious draw to the Quarashi project, the network itself is broad, diverse and engaging.

Backed by a strong, identifiable and accountable team of industry experts, Quarashi offers potential users a clearly presented whitepaper and a defined roadmap showing targets being met.

With just a maximum supply of QUA and solid tokenomics supporting the Quarashi project there is much to be said for getting in early on this one.

Following this week’s successful android launch, the road ahead for Quarashi and its users looks on a path to success. The public launch is on the 1st of August, and more information, visit here.

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