GCF Corporation and Genesis Green Initiatives Leading the Way

Financial trading has undergone many a transformation over the years. Whereas the principle of exchange – one good in exchange for another good – has pretty much remained unchanged, how we make an exchange and what we exchange has changed dramatically.

Only three decades ago, trading the markets was limited to financial institutions and professional investors. Now, anyone with an internet connection and small funds can trade just about any commodity, in any currency – digital or fiat – at anytime anywhere in the world.’

Yet, the times they are changing once more. If anything, the recent Coronavirus pandemic has taught us more about loving our planet and giving something back. Stories of unpolluted canals in Venice, smog-free cities in the US and wild boars roaming the streets of Haifa, showed to many just how fragile and wonderful the ecosystem is.

GCF Vision and Responsibility

For the GCF Corporation, the move into sustainability and green initiatives was a natural one. Headquartered in Canary Wharf, at the very heart of London’s heartbeat, from its very outset, the GCF vision has been the democratization of the foreign exchange industry for the benefit of all.

Since its inception GCF has built a strong reputation for integrating social and environmental considerations into investing. In the ever changing arena of investing, trading carbon credit has once again shown to be a sound, reliable and ethical investment.

Devised as a market-oriented mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, carbon credit, sometimes referred to as “carbon offsets”, are certificates that are generated by projects or activities which reduce, avoid, or destroy greenhouse gases.

Genesis Green Initiatives, a subsidiary of the Genesis Capital Group, offer a reliable and innovative platform, powered by blockchain technology which enables companies and every day consumers a platform where they can offset their carbon footprint as well as invest in green financial products that help provide sustainable solutions to issues such as climate change.

With projects such as the Puerto Lopez Reforestation Initiative and the Purus Conservation Project, the Genesis Green Initiative has contributed significantly to reducing the global carbon footprint. New projects in the pipeline ensure that the work of the Genesis Green Initiative will go on making a positive effect for generations to come.

Together, the innovative, forward thinking and ethical approach of the GCF Corporation and the Genesis Green Initiative ensure that there is another way for investing. Setting a path for others to follow and leading by example

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