Beauty Tech – Whatever Next! How the Smart are Building Their Way Out of the Pandemic

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2021 has seen a lot of changes from a global health pandemic, recession, and unprecedented numbers of physical businesses going out of business forever – this really has been tough, but for those able to work within this evolving landscape and build for the future we are headed towards then there are opportunities to grab.

Two key factors have been constant in consumer buying habits, and they are convenience and community, now more than ever – people want the services they want, how and where they want, and they want to be part of something – a club, a network, a community, the next big thing. This need for community was started by social media and crystalised by isolation during lockdowns.

Amazon is undoubtedly killing it in the convenience goods space, and with a slick model and the ability to challenge existing markets – that doesn’t look set to end any time soon. Earlier this year, Amazon announced a strategic partnership with Morrisons to allow them to enter the convenience groceries space challenging the big Supermarkets –  a very shrewd move and certainly one to watch as they find their optimum delivery model throughout 2022

Other current physical growth industries that are screaming for fresh thinking and innovation are Real Estate and Hair & Beauty – and whilst the many chase proptech – to be the next big thing, Amazon has dipped their toe in the water in the Hair & Beauty space, with their first Amazon salon opening in central London. We are incredibly excited to see where they go next, and 2022 could definitely be an interesting time for Hair & Beauty consumers of all genders.

We have also been keeping a close eye on SHE by England & Wright, who technically describe themselves as the UK’s first BAAS service (yes, that’s Beauty on Demand!) – This high tech startup has rebuilt the rule book and created a very lean Hair & Beauty subscription members model – deploying locally in the North East now, with a roll-out plan for 2022, SHE Club Members will be able to partake in some of the latest beauty and hair treatments for a fixed monthly fee, offering both quality and consistency wherever they are. Netflix of Beauty?! SHE will be offering clients appointments at specialist clinics, supermarket car park pods, home visits, and in holiday resorts and festivals, they say parking is always free, book a slot on the app, wherever and whenever. Locations are open from 7 am to 9 pm

You can be amongst the first to benefit from SHE VIP offers as it launches by preregistering at

SHE Villa 2022, was due to launch about now as its first VIP members venue, but had to be postponed due to the dreaded covid – see video here.  They are building global partnerships with LoReal and OPI to name a few and this is certainly a very exciting beauty tech startup that has even got Silicon Valley talking!

As with everything, it’s not always the obvious contenders that end up leading an industry. 2021 into 2022 is certainly hotting up – and whilst this may well bang a death knell for companies like Toni and Guy, one thing is for sure, customers are going to get higher quality services, better choice, and more consistent pricing than they ever thought possible.

Hair & Beauty 2021 – my eyes are on:

  • Amazon Salons
  • SHE Beauty Club

And in terms of the next big product range:-

  • ID Hair – eco friendly products, fully vegan!

You heard it here first.