Supporting the Underdog

Pay Day Loans

The Great British public has always supported the underdog. Stretching as far back as the Magna Carta, through to Robin Hood and beyond, British people have been famed for their sense of fair play, justice, and support for ‘the little man’

Even today, the Brits are still renowned for backing the underdog – be it a Jade Goody, or a non-league team in the FA Cup. However, for one Suffolk-based company, the underdog is king.

Redbridge Finance consists of a small team with an average of over 8 years of experience in Loans  Claims Management and yet for a small team they have been getting big results.

The payday loans market in the UK is worth billions annually. Lending practices up until a few years ago were unregulated and unscrupulous. Interest rates of 4000% upwards were common practice and how the money was lent and to whom was a series of great concern to the UK regulatory authorities. So much so in fact, that they brought in regulation which capped the interest rates and brought a fair degree of transparency to a shady but lucrative industry.

However, whilst regulation killed some of the lenders, others like Wonga flourished in a post-financial crash UK. As Wonga was regulated out of existence, others take its place, most notably Amigo Loans. Amigo loans went to dominate the UK sub-prime market, with guarantor loans its main product. After floating for 1.3 billion in 2018, the number of complaints started to grow against Amigo, which is where companies like Redbridge Finance comes in.

Specialising in Guarantor Loan refunds, Redbridge Finance has been at the forefront of making Refund Claims against Amigo Loans and others. Many loan customers have received an Amigo Loans refund because of the experience, dedication, and diligence of Redbridge Finance. 

Comprised of seasoned Claims managers, the company based in sleepy Bulmer is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and has outstanding success in helping wronged customers of loan companies.

For a fair, transparent fee which is payable on a true no win and no fee basis, the team at Redbridge Finance will examine the fairness of a loan and whether or not the loan company has acted irresponsibly in its business practices. Unsurprisingly, there has been no shortage of customers. In fact, for the first nine months of 2019, the Financial Services Ombudsmen upheld a staggering 59% of claims made against Amigo loans from its customers.

So, if you have a payday loan or Guarantor Loan or something similar, that you think may have been mis-sold, it’s worth speaking to a company like Redbridge Finance, who in their own way, is continuing the long and proud British tradition of supporting the underdog.

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