Sourcing Agents Hold No Fear of a US – China Trade War

US and China

The US and China are the world’s two largest economies. Trade between the two powerhouses has been growing steadily too. In 2017, US trade in goods with China a equaled $636 billion, comprising $130.4 billion in exports value and $505.6 billion in imports. However, since President Donald Trump’s election, talk of a trade war between the two countries has heated up. In 2017, The US launched an investigation into Chinese trade policies. The result was billions of dollars worth of tariffs were imposed upon Chinese products.

Following months of hostile talk, an agreement was made in December to postpone any tariff implementation until March. Signs are that high level talks will take place next month to end the impasse. However, what would happen should the trade war escalate? One group of business people hold no fear; sourcing agents.

What are Sourcing Agents?

Sourcing agents act as the go between for Chinese manufacturers and international buyers looking to have a product made or supplied from China. Considered an essential cog in China’s economic wheel, sourcing agents have never been busier. China’s reputation for low cost quality production has attracted investment from all quarters. Just this week,

Tesla Inc NASDAQ: TSLA CEO Elon Musk broke ground on a huge car manufacturing plant his company are building in Shanghai. Yet for those that are unable to build their own factories in China, sourcing agents will remain the only alternative. Even with a trade war with the US, that is not going to change.

One such sourcing agent is leelinesourcing. Established in 2015, the experienced and professional team offer full sourcing services – from start to finish for thousands of international clients of just about every size and industry possible.

Based out of Shenzhen, the sourcing agent has provided product sourcing services to over 2000 clients in the last two years, and that shows no signs of slowing down, with or without a trade war with the US. In fact, as regulation tightens, the services of an established and connected sourcing agent will be even more invaluable post any trade war.

In short, we live in a globalised economy. Trade wars come and go. Some even get circumnavigated. Business is booming and a good sourcing agent will help that continue.

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