Far beyond the association with crypto-coins, the blockchain serves to decentralizeoperations as a security measure, creating a global index of transactions carried out in a given market. And a market that has begun to embrace this technology are camgirl platforms. Until then, these various sites worked in much the same way: the girl signs up and, when approved, provides her data for a form of payment to be registered. The money earned by
each show is paid by the visitor to the site, who passes a percentage to the camgirl through virtual transactions, which can be credit on systems such as PayPal, for example, or transfers to international credit cards.

With blockchain and payment acceptance via virtual currencies, camgirls platforms can operate by taking advantage of the security, privacy and anonymity provided. In addition, models can also receive their payments faster, without having to wait for the time it takes for transactions to be computed using other systems. In the traditional way, there are camgirls that can take from one to four weeks to receive the retribution. Also, with decentralized technology, the girl no longer needs to provide her personal data to receive the money, since the payment via crypto-coins is anonymous, despite keeping public records. They only need to present an identity document to the site that manages the camgirls platform so they can prove their date of birth, ensuring they are even of legal age. In this way, the confidentiality of the payment also guarantees anonymity to the visitor. Because the technology eliminates the need for intermediaries, the platform can also pass on a higher percentage to camgirls.


The erotic global market moves billions of dollars a year. Surfing in this hot wave, the CoinGirl project promises to use the Ethereum blockchain to operate and record your transactions. In addition to having its own token, the platform will have several solutions aimed at adult audiences such as classifieds, live sex chat and crowdfunding, in which girls can advertise their services and collect to fulfill the wishes of the participating users.
With great possibility of profits in this investment, these tokens can be acquired using crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum or by fiat currency in exchanges around the world. Tokens are sent to the client’s designated wallet and are used as credit for the site user to spend when and for as long as he wants, and with the camgirl he wants, in addition to being able to trade in several exchanges.

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