New Trading Star Diogo Costa’s Effective Trading Academy Goes Live

Effective Trading

Rising forex trading star Diogo Costa, has finally gone live with his trading academy. The Effective Trading Academy – is the brainchild of Portuguese trader Diogo Costa.

The married father of one who has a masters degree in International Relations and Politics, established the forex trading academy after successfully helping and teaching friends to make money from the forex markets. Eventually, Diogo who just two months ago became a first time father to a baby girl, was persuaded by his friends to set up something so his knowledge and consistently winning strategies can be shared with the world.

Now, having his taken his strategies to the masses, Diogo is holding courses in both English and his native Portuguese. Forex trading has become very popular in Brazil over the last few years. Increased internet speeds, improved technology and better financial health in the Latin American country has seen wide scale growth of ‘everyday traders’ forming part of a 3 Trillion dollar a day forex industry.

Diogo’s enthusiasm, patience and passion for forex trading helps create an informal but professional approach to trading. Despite being relatively new to the whole trading world, Diogo has already made some big waves and earned a reputation of applying successful winning trades in whatever the trading conditions.

If Diogo Costa isn’t a name you’ve heard of in trading circles yet. you soon will do.

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