How Long Can Digital Ocean Survive With ‘The Worst Customer Service in the World’?

Digital Ocean Customer Service

Troubled hosting provider Digital Ocean is the talk of the town, as rumours gather pace that the complaint-ridden hosting provider is in serious trouble.

Founded in 2011, the New York headquartered company, has been plagued with complaints from the very get go.

A quick scan of the various forums and complaints websites will give you a taste of just how terrible customers deem their ‘customer service’. However, it is only when you really have the misfortune of being a customer can you truly appreciate just how f*cking terrible Digital Ocean really is.

Here are some of the choice complaints found on

” They do not provide phone support so my only way of getting problem resolved is through this email system that they ignore and are incredibly unhelpful to their users.”

“Overall, this business seems quite unethical, and is most likely breaking the law”

“have repeatedly asked them to just cancel my account via email. When I emailed them that I wanted to escalate the issue they didn’t respond for several days and when they finally responded on 11-*-18 it was to tell me they were closing my ticket”

“These people are a bunch of crooks”

“There was a charge of $50 to my *** account (* that I did not authorize. I have tried to call but they do not answer or return my calls.”

“Now I am even considering suing your org. for the damages you have caused to my firm so be prepared.”

“Every time I tried I got an error on their website”

“Digital Ocean is allowing its domains to conduct illegal business activities such as cybersquatting and trademark infringement.”

and there’s more. A quick scan of and you get a similar bad company story

“Very Bad and Lazy Support by Digital Ocean”

“there is no response at all”.

” Tech support is unacceptable. My e-commerce website’s been down for over 3 hours and I still have not heard any word from support team. I am loosing money with DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting. No phone support. Overall rating is very poor.”

We could go on, but we think you get the picture. This is probably one of the most complained about hosting companies in the world. Their customer service, or lack of it, could well cost the CEO Mark Templeton his company.

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