Firmdrex Taking Crypto Investment to New Levels, the UK registered trading exchange, is promising to take crypto investment to new levels. Offering a wide range of crypto based services, Firmdrex is a trading and investment management company that promises to do things differently.

Coming with a wealth of experience in the fields of international asset management, cryptocurrency, stock market and Forex trading, the team behind Firmdrex identified a gap in the blossoming bitcoin and blockchain world. Developing a ten year plan, Firmdrex offer a solid road map for the next decade which includes an ICO Crypto token which is set to be discharged based on Ethereum and Bitcoin stage. The similarity of the intended token with outsider administrations wallets, trades and such, provides an easy-to-use mix of services.

One aspect about Firmdrex that stands out is that it offers a crypto loan service. The fast, user friendly services means you can recieve a loan (provided in Bitcoins) with an unconditional deadline and obligated to repay the loan with net interest set at only 30%. The fast and competitive loan service offered by Firmdrex means that from application to bitcoin being credited to your account, can take only 24 hours.

Strong Reputation

Despite being relatively new, Firmdrex is already establishing a reputation for solid growth in the autotrading results, and more importantly, for paying out. There are many get rich schemes being advertised around the net, many of which are centred on the unknown quantity of cryptocurrencies. By being located and registered in London, UK, = the financial capital of the world and the most regulated market on Earth, users can feel more at ease with Firmdrex knowing that there is not only a solid team by the project, but also by being located there is an element of accountability not found elsewhere.

If you haven’t heard of by now, there’s every chance you hear about them very soon.

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