Walmart Wants to Get More Out of its Employees

WalMart’s online order delivery may reach new heights soon. A Walmart store employee could now be delivering your order instead of a shipping company. The company is testing their new delivery program in two states. One location in Arkansas and two in New Jersey are currently testing this new program. The workers from Walmart will now be delivering order to your doorstep, if your address lies on their way home. Participation from workers is voluntary and the company is excited about customer response.


More Productive Employees


As Walmart employees become delivery executives for the store, the company may be able to alter its image as well as shipping contracts. The retailer has built a proprietary app that will track the route of their employees back home and then match it with online orders. Walmart and orders will be eligible for this delivery.

Walmart ecommerce US CEO Marc Lore addressed the development in a blog post. He said. “Unlike crowdsourced delivery… our associated are starting at the same place as the package is.” The delivery executives don’t have to travel huge distances for picking the package and then shipping it to the customers. As they are Walmart employees, their location and package location is the same. Moreover, the delivery address lies on their way back home. As a result, driving is minimized and orders are delivered quicker.

How Does It Work?


Lore said, “Once they’re done working at the store for the day, they pick up the packages from the backroom, load them into their vehicle, enter the delivery addresses into the GPS on their phone and head towards home.”

Walmart has not imposed this new program on the employees. Workers can voluntarily opt for this test project. They are free to choose the time when they want to deliver the package and have control over the number of packages and size of each package as well. The company said that workers are compensated for the extra work. However, details of the compensation are still hidden.

The test has been going on for a month now and the discount retailer has suggested that it has completed hundreds of deliveries. Per Lore, the response from customers as well as associates has been great. If the company successfully implements this program, it will be able to use a 1.3 million strong workforce across 4,700 stores to create a new delivery business. However, shoppers will not be offered discounts for the service. They will have to choose between store pickup with discounts or next day home delivery without discounts.


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