Marko Stout’s Taking Cool Global

Marko Stout interior design

Described by some as today’s Andy Warhol, Marko Stout has become an artist and fashion icon beloved by some of the world’s biggest celebrity names.

The contemporary artist, a native of New Jersey, is probably one of the most recognized artists in the US celebrity world. Within a few short years, Marko Stout became the go-to artist for celebrities. Marko’s print, paint, sculptures and photographs have adorned the walls and houses of the rich and famous in the US for years, but now, with the help of prized celebrity endorsements from the likes of reality queens The Kardashians, Marko Stout’s unique brand of contemporary cool has gone global. Stout’s mega-celebrity fan club are to be seen at all of his sold out exhibitions.

Marko Stout fan Kim Kardashian

So, Who is Marko Stout?

Despite the success in the art world, it is difficult to compartmentalize Marko, whose world of glitz and glamour is a far cry from the small New Jersey beach town he was born in. Indeed, the orthopedic training he received at a New York veteran’s hospital is a long way from his upcoming exhibits in Paris, Amsterdam and Japan.

Whilst 2018 can only be regarded as a resounding success for Marko Stout, 2019 and beyond promise even greater things. Having already produced the New York independent art film festival – the LIPS Film Festival, further forays into the film world are planned by the man dubbed the Andy Warhol of the 21st Century.

However, his growing number of worldwide fans may not be just content with films. Marko’s numerous works are highly sought after pieces, selling for rapidly increasing prices as his fame and reputation advances.

The good news for Marko Stout’s fans is that the New York artists shows no sign in slowing down or any of his energetic passion for art diminished in any way. The interior design service Marko offers is making waves globally. The style and vision that Marko exudes is no longer just a New York or U.S. cool… it’s a global cool.

Marko Stout

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