ICAC Inspector Report Exonerates Charif Kazal

Charif Kazal

The ICAC is the well known corruption “watch dog” in the NSW Australia region that has recently been criticized on major news outlets for their unjust probe of Charif Kazal for corruption. The ICAC inspector report released confirms the innocence of Charif, that the accusations were unwarranted and that no further inquiries will be launched regarding his case.

On five seperate instances the Director of Public Prosecutions Office in NSW demonstrated to the ICAC that there are no legal grounds to persue this case. It is now evident that the ICAC commisioner refused to acknowledge the states continued and suggested actions to try to incriminate Mr. Kazal. It was no clear that this case was had insufficient grounds to require a Public Inquiry and the Inspector of ICAC has told Parliament that the then ICAC Commissioner David Ipp breached his own legally binding ICAC Act by embarking on allegations that did not meet the litmus test of requiring evidence of any negligence to justify the large public expense involved.

About Us: Welcome to ICAC watch, the watchdogs watchdog. The ICAC has not long ago been made liable for many years of misdeed to Charif Kazal and his families business Australian World Trading. We welcome you to check out our reports regarding how Charif was ultimately cleared from the wrongdoing the ICAC brought upon on his family.

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