Drew E. Schaefer Helps Advance Human Slavery Fight at GSN Conference with Freedom Project

The CNN Freedom Task, paired with the Mosaic Federation (MOSFED), is running towards stopping human trafficking.

Drew Schaefer is a strong member of the Mosaic Foundation advisory board and a substantial financial sponsor. Drew has embarked on a special mission to provide technological assistance for the platform technology of the “joint venture”.

When Mr. Schaefer first discovered more about the CNN Freedom Project and the various techniques the Mosaic Federation has implemented to eliminate the trafficking of individuals, he leapt in almost right away. Having actually ascertained the tasks needed and through his involvement at the United Nations Global Sustainability Network (GSN) conference, he chose to help satisfy its objectives.

He considers the removal of human slavery worldwide to be absolutely important; due to the reality that upwards of 20 million people live as servants. It is sad to think that a human can perhaps be purchased, usually, for approximately $90. Detailed management of this process need to be pursued to actualize favorable outcomes.

A three-pronged strategy has been put in place by the Mosaic Federation to end human slavery focusing on (1) Using dominant media outlets, like CNN to supply civil service statements; (2) Geo-spatial Software or professional system (A.I.) that enables users, like victims of human trafficking or social justice activists, to find “locations of human trafficking” in practically actual time satellite images; and (3) International police resources to act as intermediary in between police and federal government improving cooperation and interaction.

Human trafficking “locations” can now be determined because of current developments in A.I. providing satellite pictures of the real whereabouts of people being held as slaves. Software programs, such as ARTEMIS, aim to enhance locating and anticipating human trafficking sites. Former victims of slavery can now use such programs to supply important intelligence, such as any foreseeable activities– thus empowering victims and making them a part of the option to eliminate human trafficking.

Government and law enforcement liaison programs are another important aspect to achieving zero human slavery. By training police on the different programs and resources available to them, it will assist advance in decreasing the number of people taken into slavery and human trafficking.

When criminal activities, such as human trafficking are tracked across worldwide borders the Mosaic Federations network of law enforcement assists in bypassing government bureaucracy which allows for cross-border police communication and cooperation.

Drew E. Schaefer, a former CEO of Liberty Helicopters & Americorp Securities has utilized his personal resources and time to turn into one of the leading fans in NYC & NJ area of the Mosaic Federation.

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