Growth Network Solution – the high note collaborate with Buddha Huka to bring you the hottest cannabis infused item for 2018

A significant partnership is about to shake the Cannabis industry, and its impact will be massive. For Hookah and Cannabis enthusiasts, this is good news as the renowned mogul John Jazzini, the Chief Executive Officer of Growth Network Solution is partnering with the business tycoon, Tarik Freitekh. While John held sway as the head of the cannabis consulting firm in Los Angeles that just launched The High Note, Tarik is the brain behind the world’s leading tobacco brand, Buddha Huka.

Tarik Freitekh

This collaboration between these individuals will give birth to one of the most unusual and creative products the world has ever seen. As leaders in their respective fields, these refined gentlemen have understood the market and paid their dues in the industry. The partnership will lead to the emergence of a brand new product called “High Hookah”, cannabis infused herbal hookah without any trace of tar and tobacco.


The product is 100% herbal shisha and used to smoke hookah. However, the enticing flavors of this brilliant product are non-toxic, organic and removed from fruits.

This cooperation between these brands will ensure the license of the product is processed under the laws of California State. Growth Network solution is the holder of the micro license, and several other permits required to operate in the cannabis industry in the state of California. However, Growth Network solution is responsible for the production and distribution of many cannabis and cbd oil brands in California.


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