Andrew Anastasiou Launches LegionPay

Andrew Anastasiou
Andrew Anastasiou

Andrew Anastasiou, the Fintech hero based in Europe recently announced the launch of LegionPay, the bitcoin payment gateway system.

LegionPay, the bitcoin payment gateway system launch this month after the company successfully connected its system to the TripleA technology infrastructure. The project is said to be one of the only services currently available that allows C2B bitcoin deposits to online casinos and forex merchants.

By using LegionPay, merchants can offer their players or traders the option of depositing funds via bitcoin, mitigating the risk and tedious work involved in trying to make such deposits with traditional FIAT currencies such as the euro or British pound. The service is also offered totally free in regards to set up and integration fees, a first in the industry where it has been the norm for high-risk businesses to pay exorbitant rates to set up their accounts.


In-line with the free integration fees, Andrew Anastasiou explained to us that LegionPay will be offering the lowest deposit fees currently available for such services. Merchants receiving deposits to LegionPay will only be charged 0.8%, far below the 2.2% average, and at a completely different level than the 4.5% charged by LegionPay’s main competitors.

Andrew Anastasiou told us that initially the service will be tailored to the high-risk sector, however, with bitcoin invoicing solutions and eCommerce connections available, it is assumed that with such low rates, even businesses operating in the low-risk sector will be attracted to the project and with zero risks on account opening fees it appears that LegionPay has ring-fenced itself into a strategic and financially beneficial position.

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