The Asian Entrepreneur receives $3.8m in funding for publishing business

Asian Entrepeneur

The Asian Entrepreneur, the London based business media company has successfully raised $3.8m in private investments led by Sharp Capital along with AJS Investments. The company has revealed that it had been seeking the right investors for the past year in an attempt to expand its business.

Central to the of expansion for The Asian Entrepreneur is an intention to develop a publishing arm. The company aims to develop into an independent publishing house that will produce and realize the works of business writers who are based in Southeast Asia.

According to The Asian Entrepreneur’s COO, Salah Dabash, the company is “currently looking to build strategic resources and relevant business competencies within (the) business to allow (it) to ultimately develop into a substantial publishing house for the Southeast Asian region. At the moment, (The Asian Entrepreneur is) looking at potential investments and collaborations with relevant companies to achieve this aim.”

To that end, The Asian Entrepreneur has recently acquired an existing publishing business based in the Republic of China.

This represents a fascinating development as The Asian Entrepreneur also began as an independent publication. In 2011, The Asian Entrepreneur started as a printed publication from Harvard University. The publication was independently run by students. Then-students Melvin Poh and Harshul Sravastavas conceived the idea as they were unsatisfied with the lack of practical information and insights on business in Asia. The publication eventually grew and became digitised and focused on publishing digital content.

When questioned about their decision to go into the publishing industry, Melvin Poh stated, “The Asian Entrepreneur has always been driven by the pursuit of knowledge. At the outset, we wanted to fill a knowledge gap that veils Asia from the rest of the world by providing a reliable medium to share collective insights. We are successful in that vision as we have created an authoritative database of knowledge with our platform. However, we want to be able to provide our writers as well as others out there a greater opportunity to truly educate the world beyond the digital space (and publishing will allow us to codify the knowledge).”

According to Melvin Poh, The Asian Entrepreneur aims to fully utilize its’ current network of writers, editors and distributors based in Asia to produce and market these publications for the international markets

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