Jeraun Richards is a dropshipping legend. The Ecommerce Entrepreneur gives back and makes his training course FREE for EVERYONE

Jeraun Richards

Jeraun Richards aka J Rich has released his course “The 30 Day Ecom Challenge” free for everyone. Jeraun initially had the course for $497 but he did something that no other Ecommerce entrepreneur has ever done. He surprised refunded ALL of the students that paid for the course and made it FREE for everyone. Another proven gesture from Jeraun that shows he actually loves helping people succeed and also proves that he was in fact, a true successful dropshipper while not relying on the money from the paid course since he refunded all the students and made it free. Jeraun Richards is a 21 year old entrepreneur that made six figures a month dropshipping on Shopify and has helped thousands of people make money online. Jeraun is one of the only entrepreneurs that has a free Shopify dropshipping course. To get in the course for free, go to

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