The 3 Stocks Which Investors Are Adding to Their Portfolios

An informed investor is always a successful investor. You always need to know about the stocks that will bring you the most attractive returns and get hold of them before anyone else. Today, we are narrowing down our search to the 3 stocks that you need to keep an eye on. These stocks are being excitedly bought or watched by other investors and you must also know about them.

3 stocks



On Wednesday, Pandora will launch the Pandora Premium, an on-demand streaming service for music that will make a stiff case of competition against Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, and Tidal. While some in the industry are excited about Pandora’s grand entry with the premium service, not everyone seems happy. Liberty Media CEO, Greg Maffei, has said that the company has made a mistake by spending millions on a market that already hosts Google, Amazon, and Apple in competition, alongwith services like Spotify.

Pandora is facing troubles with 10% drop in share prices in the past quarter and this could be Time Westergren’s last chance as a CEO to ensure the investors that the company has a viable growth strategy. The company went public in 2011 and witnessed a 24% drop in share prices since then. The leadership of Westergren has been challenged by largest shareholder Keith Meister controlled Corvex Management. However, Westergren ensures that the company will be profitable in 2017 with revenue of $1 billion. Pandora Premium will cost $9.99 a month. If Pandora Premium is accepted by roughly 10% of the free service’s 81 million strong monthly active users, the company may be profitable. However, the consensus is against holding this stock.



Amidst demonetization aftermath and a rising debt problem, India’s private sector banks have been under severe stress. HDFC, along with ICICI Bank and Axis Bank have been downgraded by Jefferies to a hold rating as risks with these banks have increased. They insist that even though the fundamentals of Indian banking have not changed, a slowing growth and higher credit costs could be detrimental to these banks as consensus earnings have gone lower. An eventual recovery from these costs could only be fragile hope. Investment questions have now become less obvious as money has been flowing into the banks since November. However, as private consumption will be hampered, it would be wise to hold.

Intel Corporation


Intel is eyeing the self-driving car market by offering Mobileye a $15 billion deal for the autonomous vehicle technology of the Israeli company. This will help Intel grab a piece of the future of automobiles by entering a space crowded by other tech heavyweights. Mobileye’s software evolution will meet Intel’s hardware technology to create self-driving cars powered by Intel, making the company grow larger as such cars hit road in large numbers in the next 3 to 5 years. Intel, hence, will be a great stock to bet on.

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