The year 2020 begins with the resumption of cryptocurrencies and overall growth of the blockchain market bringing great optimism.

Rcoin Global, an online platform with native RCG token, brings news and updates for the year, this February 29, 2020, will provide its new platform version with innovative features and new layout.

Rcoin Update:

On February 29, 2020, there will be a pause in some network services and probable service interruption, instabilities may occur until the network resynchronizes. For May 2020 a second update will be very important, the availability of the exchange integration API for RRC standard tokens created on the Rcoin Global RCG network, with which exchanges or digital trades will be able to use the API to generate a wallet, send and receive personalized tokens.


Token Creation:

The great highlight will be the creation of new tokens where any person or institution can create, customize and use freely within the platform. Tokens created on the RHASH network use RCG as gas when switching from wallet to wallet a small fee is deducted. Gas is the validation fee charged when a transaction occurs, a fee for miners to validate and participate in the process of inclusion in the blockchain book. New commercial tokens can be created and added to the online wallet using your contract ID.

App Wallet:

The project has existed since 2017 and has been increasingly adopted by users around the world who see potential in technology. This same free technology that breaks obstacles and provides that everyone can use the platform and exchange hands-free P2P tokens (person to person), so that users make the most of online services. With the global trend towards new experiences and the high use of mobile devices, the Rcoin Global project is still designing for this year a wallet application that will support the native RCG token and the other tokens created on the platform.

The platform that just grows and is constantly evolving offers the best resources for free besides API for integration with the exchange. Create your account on the platform and be part of the digital payments revolution:

Website: https://rcoin.global

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RcoinProject

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/RcoinProject/

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