Marko Stout Continues the Cool Online

Marko Stout

As art galleries, exhibitions and events remain cancelled worldwide due to the coronavirus, for many artists, the global lockdown has meant a dramatic shift in their focus.

However, for Marko Stout, the native New Jersey artist known for setting New York’s gritty punk rock style trend, demand and hype around his work have only increased even more.

Following a highly successful end to 2019, Marko entered 2020 as arguably ‘the’ go-to artist for the celebrity scene. The most recent work, ‘Erotic Allure Volume 3’ at New York’s prestigious Tribeca Gallery was considered by many as the main highlight of the NYC Autumn 2019 art season.

For the artist, often compared to the late Andy Warhol, the lack of physical events has seen his growing number of fans, look to get their Marko Stout fix online.

The iconic fashion brand available online Marko has built over the years, has never been in such demand. The industrial pop creations have a noticeable celebrity following. Vocal endorsement has come from the likes of Billie Ellish, Debra Messing, Charlie Sheen, RuPal and the royal family of the celebrity world, the Kardashians.

For a multimedia artist such as Marko, whose online work has cultivated almost legendary status, no cultural shift online was needed. Instead, the lack of physical events has only helped to boost the edgy, rebellious underground appeal of the man also likened to Jeff Koons and Roy Lichtenstein.

2020 A Year of Progression

The last few years have seen a refreshing unpredictability in Marko’s output. Before critically acclaimed exhibitions in Paris, Amsterdam, and Japan last year, the quiet but charismatic artist produced the New York independent art film festival – the LIPS Film Festival, to much praise.

Although once regarded as New York’s best kept secret, 2019 saw Marko take his brand global. Whether it was his interior design, fashion brand or visual creations, the ubiquity of Marko’s work was undeniable amongst the art elite by the end of last year.

This year, despite the challenges the coronavirus continues to bring, Marko’s rise to the very top the art world looks unabated.

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