Legion Pay Relaunches, Offering a Vast Online Payments Environment


LegionPay, the online crypto deposit portal recently announced its official relaunch of the brand. Whilst the company will still be offering crypto deposit solutions, it will also be providing its merchants access to over 100 other payment methods.

The company, which now offers payment solutions at a global level, is aiming to complete its goal of providing an entire payments ecosystem by 2025, incorporating solutions from card acquiring to international wire transfers. Andrew Anastasiou, the Co-founder of LegionPay and the Founder of Stasi Capital and SagaPay told us that LegionPay and its partners are well on track to connecting its current and future merchants to an ecosystem that would ultimately remove the need for multiple integrations, as well as the tedious task of constantly searching for secure and stable solutions for high-risk businesses.

Andrew Anastasiou quoted “we know the situation with high-risk businesses and how difficult it is getting for them to source real solutions. We also know how easy it is for high-risk merchants desperate for solutions to get caught out by scam PSPs and we want to help avoid these situations”.

Through LegionPay and its payment gateway, one simple API integration would see the company’s merchants getting access to global payment methods through trusted and secured partners. The company also has dedicated team members who continuously monitor the merchant’s activities and consult on new solutions as soon as they launch, meaning customers of LegionPay do not need to search for new solutions themselves.

A member of the Board of the group told us “although it hasn’t been an easy task, we are happy with the outcome from the rebrand and have seen a huge uptick in the amount of new merchants joining us in our journey”

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