Dr. Mark McKenna Launches Uber-Style OVME Clinic in Atlanta

The medial aesthetics market is expected to reach nearly $27 billion by 2024. One entrepreneurial doctor is leading the industry with the launch of an on-demand, app-based cosmetic service in Atlanta: OVME.

One aged woman holds mobile phone with virtual doctor attentively reviewing her brain x-ray results. Patient contacts expert via cellphone with telemedicine application

OVME stands out in the sea of cosmetic services by taking a completely different approach to service. Instead of requiring clients to book appointments and travel to the clinic, clients can use the soon-to-be-launched app to book appointments with independent aesthetics doctors in Atlanta and be served right in their homes.

“We believe that the needs of the medical aesthetic consumer have evolved beyond the stale industry landscape,” said Dr. McKenna in a press release.

When it comes to making house calls, Dr. McKenna’s approach is similar to Airbnb and Uber. He plans to create a network of providers across the country. Providers can use the app to find clients in the area to serve, much like how Uber drivers find customers.

The clinic will still offer conventional appointments, but the process is far less complicated. As McKenna explains, patients will be emailed forms so that when they arrive at the clinic, they can move straight to the patient coordinator.

“Our team has deconstructed every aspect of the medical aesthetic consumer journey and we asked ourselves how we can better serve our clients,” says Dr. McKenna. “We are doing deep dives into design, technology, and data to provide a uniquely curated experience for our patients.”

McKenna’s boutique in Buckhead, located on Peachtree Road, provides clients with a central location to receive a variety of cosmetic services, including laser hair removal, facials and hydration therapy.

The clinic will offer four private rooms as well as retail space that allows for the purchase of premium skincare products.

The goal, McKenna says, is to “provide a uniquely curated experience” for patients.

Dr. McKenna earned his MD at Tulane University Medical School. He is licensed in medicine and surgery by the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners.

An entrepreneur by nature, McKenna launched a real estate development company in New Orleans while practicing medicine with his father.

But when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, McKenna lost most of his business. When the city moved into the rebuilding stage, he aided in the redevelopment of low to moderate-income housing.

He would eventually acquire Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc., which grew to over 50 employees under his leadership.

In November 2007, he launched ShapeMed, an aesthetic-based medical practice. Seven years later, he sold the company Life Time Fitness. McKenna maintained involvement in the company until 2015, serving as the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness Inc.

McKenna describes his latest venture, OVME, as a tech-enabled medical aesthetic company with a goal of “fundamentally changing elective healthcare.”

OVME clients can avoid the red tape and hurdles of insurance companies to enjoy affordable, high-quality cosmetic services performed by skilled physicians.

The opening of the clinic in Atlanta is a milestone for OVME, but McKenna has plans to go further. He plans to expand operations to Las Vegas, Nashville and other parts of the country

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