5 Things You Should Know About Trump’s Healthcare Bill

Donald Trump has always been vocal against Obamacare and making a new healthcare plan was one of the top priorities in his agenda. But, after a heated debate and aggressive retaliation by some citizens, Trump wants to make a clear and final decision related this law. He has asked for a concluding vote over this issue on Friday. He wants to move on with the fact that he might or might not get the chance to flagship Trumpcare.


Keeping the Friday vote in view, here are five things you should know about Trumpcare.

Cuts on Medicaid


There are millions of American families coming from the low-income groups who were assisted by Obamacare but Trump is likely to cut down a lot of money from this venture. The new bill proposed by Trump aims on reshaping the structure of funding for Medicaid. It will provide a defined amount to the states for aiding families that come under this program instead of giving amounts per their need.

Defunds and Eliminations


The new bill will prevent funds from the federal department for the program of Planned Parenthood. Around 2.5 million patients would be affected who are currently taking benefits of Medicaid. On the other hand, citizens will not be able to use their tax money to enjoy abortion services. People would be liable for every abortion and the government will not pay a single penny for any such procedure.

Concession for Insurance Companies


The bill includes a tax break on the insurance companies that are exceeding the salary payment of $500,000 in a year to their CEOs. Most of major corporations would be pushed to pay more salaries to enjoy this tax advantage allowed by the government itself.

Fewer Health Insurance Policies


The experts are claiming that Americans will not be able to take health insurance like they did under Obamacare. It gave 20 million people health insurance but after this bill the amount of insured people will plummet. There are few legislators who find this situation a positive mark on American society. People from the low-income groups tend to shirk from their responsibilities when it comes to insurance.

Loss for Lottery Winners


The bill includes seven pages that are focused on not allowing lottery winners to come under the new healthcare bill. It might sound strange but such detailed explanation under the bill makes this provision important for Trump. Strict policies have been the characteristics of his governance.

It is still not known whether the bill will get passed, Obamacare still has its supporters. The bill also ends any kind of penalties on people who do not go for health coverage. The bill asks the insurance companies to increase the premium amount for senior citizens. Trump’s bill is a mix and match of new steps and potential risks, with the full force of  ‘The Donald’ behind it.


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