$WIN Token is Listed on Poloniex

Win Listed on Poloniex

WINk’s flagship token, $WIN, is listed on Poloniex, which is a U.S.-based exchange. Tron Foundation invested in Poloniex, one of the oldest exchanges in the industry, first launched in 2014. Tron’s decentralized exchange TRX Market is also merged with Poloniex at the end of 2019 and renamed it Polonidex.

This will be the second major exchange listing for WIN since it became the first gaming IEO on Binance Launchpad in July 2019. The available pairs will be WIN/TRX, WIN/BTT & WIN/USDT.

The listing will play an important part in increasing the WIN Tokens liquidity and also bodes well for the future of WINk’s DApp tokens; Dice and Live which are due to be listed on Poloniex in Q2 of 2020.

According to Winks CEO Julia and outlined in the newly updated WINk roadmap, after the listing the Poloniex wallet will eventually be directly integrated into the WINk account enabling WINk and Poloniex users to seamlessly transfer their assets between the two. On top of this you’ll be able to play on WINk with any asset listed on the exchange. A staggering 40+ assets will be playable once the wallet is fully incorporated into the site.

At first glance it’s easy to overlook the importance of this to Poloniex but looking at WINk’s statistics it becomes apparent. WINk was the most successful DApp in 2019, turning over $2.8 Billion USD and accounting for over 60% of the transaction value on the Tron blockchain. Where WIN differs from most other tokens is through its revenue sharing model. Every day holders of WIN receive daily dividends in three currencies: TRX, BTT and USDT.  With the inclusion of the Poloniex wallet in the site and the ability to receive dividends in multiple currencies this will simultaneously increase the volume of all coins on both platforms. As the only exchange with such an integration this could prove an attractive proposition to encourage new coin listings.

According to Winkscan, In Q4 alone WINk distributed a daily average of 2.4 million TRX to WIN holders not to mention the BTT and USDT drops. On top of this the sub platforms on the site Dice, Live and Rake also pay dividends to their token holders. While a large amount of these drops go back into playing on the platform a percentage will no doubt be reinvested into other digital assets, something which is great for the ecosystem as a whole.

Already the most popular gambling DApp in the world and the only one with two gaming licences, Wink has ambitious plans to become a DAppstore. By providing user friendly tools they make it easy for developers to plug their products into the site without having to become experts on blockchain.

Each DApp that launches on WINk pays a percentage of their daily revenue into the Windrop pool and as more DApps launch this should strengthen the value of the Win Token. At the time of writing WINk has three DApps with a fourth to launch by the end of the quarter.

Looking further down the line it’s clear to see where Poloniex sees the real potential. WINk has ambitions to be the first DApp to go truly mass market and plans to disrupt the rapidly growing, online gambling industry amongst others.

The integration of the Poloniex wallet will be a mutually beneficial partnership for the two organisations, introducing Poloniex users to the WINk platform and WINk players to a broader world of digital assets.

By the end of 2020 WINk will have built fiat onramps into the site and will embark on a mass marketing campaign targeting everyday players. Wink plans for the site to be so user friendly that you won’t need any knowledge of cryptocurrencies and how they work to use the platform. Over time these users will come to learn about the wider space.

It is very profitable to capture investors in digital assets at such an early stage of the life cycle, but the competition is fierce, which may prove to be a powerful advantage for exchanges that others cannot match. Let’s looking forward to a better future of both Poloniex and WINk.

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