TripAdvisor Inc TRIP:NSQ Stock Soars 7.20% as Revenue Per Shopper Increases

TripAdvisor Inc TRIP:NSQ stock soarded, as the company’s revenue per shopper returns to levels last seen in early 2014. The figure helped raise investor sentiment, as quarterly profit and revenue both missed expectations.

The company posted per hotel shopper growth of 2% and 9% sequentially. Per hotel shopper growth is up 23 points since Q1 2016. Ad revenue and instant booking revenue from the company’s instant booking platform rose 11.6%.

TripAdvisor Inc TRIP:NSQ

The company expected to spend $70 million to $80 million on television advertisements in 2017 in the United States. Net income fell from $29 million a year ago to $13 million for the quarter ended March 31.

TripAdvisor Inc TRIP:NSQ ‘s net income per share is down over 50% from $0.20 in Q1 2016 to $0.09 in Q1 2017.

Adjusted earnings per share came in at $0.24, missing analyst expectations of $0.26 per share. The company’s total revenue missed expectations of $377.1 million, with revenue of $372 million. The company’s total revenue is up 5.7% on the year.

TripAdvisor Inc TRIP:NSQ Sees Hotel Revenue Fall


The company’s hotel revenue rose 4% to  $314 million on a yearly basis, with non-hotel revenue up 18% to $58 million. TripAdvisor repurchased $150 million in outstanding common stock in the first quarter.

Average monthly hotel shoppers hit 150 million, up 9% on the year. Average monthly unique visitors is also up 14% year-over-year to 390 million. The company offers 1.08 million hotels and accommodations on their platform. It also offers 4.3 million restaurants, 820,000 vacation rentals and 790,000 activities and attractions.

The company’s revenue by geography shows growing popularity in the U.S., with the region accounting for 57% of the company’s revenue, up from 52%. The company’s European and Rest of the World (ROW) revenue share fell from 29% to 26% and 19% to 17% respectively.

TripAdvisor’s selling and marketing expenses rose $30 million, up to $207 million on the quarter. The company’s costs and expenses were $345 million, with net income before taxes at $25 million, up from $4 million the quarter prior.

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