Is Kinesis the Answer to Global Monetary Instability?

kinesis money
source: pixabay,.com

As the Euro sinks to a fresh 2-year low amid global growth slowdown, Bitcoin (BTC) struggles to break past the $8000 mark and Gold prices down to a 2-month low, investors are naturally looking for an alternative. The stock markets appear way too risky with many analysts predicting an impending crash all too soon.

So, what is the answer? One such solution that is gaining traction is kinesis coins. A new monetary system designed to overcome the severe price volatility which has made cryptocurrencies unappealing. Able to be used as legal tender for mainstream consumers Kinesis is a digital currency pegged to precious metals (gold and silver) rather than speculation.

For those that do not know, Kinesis is a revolutionary monetary system, based 1:1 on allocated physical gold and silver, bringing back a true store of value to the global economy and rewarding all those who participate.

Kinesis enables the owning and the transacting of precious metals in a pioneering way which should make cryptocurrency more of a viable option for investors.

Kinesis Money and Kinesis Mint

The system is split into two platforms – Kinesis Money and Kinesis Mint. One to create digital gold and silver currencies and the other to transact them.

Kinesis Money is a simple to use interface to enable storing, trading, transferring and spending of your digital currencies all in one convenient location.

Kinesis Mint is described as a powerful platform enabling users to create their own Kinesis gold and silver-based currencies using fiat, cryptocurrency or physical bullion.

Importantly, there are no storage fees and with a fixed 0.45% fee, the physical transfer of gold and silver is a cost-effective and quick solution not found elsewhere. The physical precious metals are stored securely in 9 global vaults, with allocated legal titles for the user.

With the Kinesis debit card accepted at over 4 million locations worldwide and rewards available on every transaction made, Kinesis looks set to shake up the global monetary system.

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