How Crypto Apps are Changing Our Shopping Habits

The way we shop has changed considerably over the years. From the introduction of self service shops, out of town superstores and more recently online shopping, the way we shop and spend our hard earned money is an ever changing constant.  The introduction of cryptocurrencies has shaken our shopping habits up even further. The advancement of blockchain technology and the endless worlds of opportunities that blockchain brings has seen a massive global take up of cryptocurrencies. Apps have been developed that make the transfer of funds, both crypto and non-crypto, a simple and fast task.

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Crypto Wallet App

One such app is the SecurePaymentz app for cryptocurrencies for android. SecurePaymentz make it possible that you can have your Android Cryptocurrency Application and use it both to send and receive your currency to any other another wallet within just a few seconds, all the time trackable and transparent it via block explorer. Created using an Electrum base, this crypto wallet app means that you do not need a copy of blockchain to work unlike with many other crypto apps.  There are many benefits to this:  The wallet is always ON,  it also cuts down on battery usage, as well as minimize the space needed.

The SecurePaymentz app is more than just an app. On top of being able to create your own virtual bank, you can also start your own bitcoin. That’s right, if you want to take on the giants of Bitcoin and Ethereum, securepaymentz will give you the tools and support to do so. Importantly, as well as the control and the transparency that this offers, it also means that having your own bitcoin e-wallet script can also earn you commissions for each transaction that your clients will make. If you have many clients making multiple transactions, the commissions can run into millions of dollars earned yearly, simply by replacing the traditional and expensive banking methods, with something that is easy to set up, easy to administer and offers such a great return.


SecurePaymentz through their intelligent script, open up a world of opportunities for you and your business. Not only can you control and manage your banking whilst saving money and generating commissions, but the fully customize script can be adapted to other areas of the business. Loan scripts can be made, your own alt-coin created and a flexibility and opportunity in banking processes which has never been seen before.

If you are not part of the Crypto App revolution, it is time to.



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