Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) Ends 2015 Ahead Of Airbus With 762 Jets Sold

Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) has retained its last year’s crown as the world’s top airline manufacturer after reports of the airplanes it delivered were compared with that of European aircraft manufacturer, AirBus.  Boeing delivered 762 jets in 2015.



Boeing has been on a rebound since 2012 with the launch of the 787 Dreamline.

The maker of some of the classic airplanes which have flown global air routes had found the going tough after   Sept 11, 2003 attacks.

During that period French airline manufacturer, Airbus came to dominate the industry with its record breaking sales and wide-range of aircraft. In 2014-15 its single-aisle jets continue to wrest many of orders in the segment because of their next-generation design/engine.

787 helps recovery

Meanwhile, the large-number of orders for Dreamliner – roughly 5,700 jets – is expected to keep the airplane maker busy. The period of 2012-15 has been robust production years for the company.

However, Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) appears to be troubled by poor sales of one of its current models. The Boeing 777s sales have dipped from year to year, thus making it difficult to maintain the current production levels.

New Jet models

The focus for Boeing is now on producing three new jet models in the next three years. The models which are expected to further boost sales are – 737 Max, the 787-10 as well as bringing in 777x the latest edition of struggling 777s.

Though Airbus is yet to release sales data for December, it’s lags Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) by 150 airplanes already, allowing Boeing Co. to remain the world largest airplane manufacturer.

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