Moxie, First Smartphone for Dogs Gets Validation on Kickstarter Campaign


Moxie is the first smartphone for dogs that allows easy communication between a dog and his owner through live video calls. No more missing your furry friend even when you are physically away from him. Good news for dog owners. Two Irvine-based pet lover techies have launched the FIRST smartphone for dogs on Kickstarter that will enable dog owners to stay connected with their pets through live phone calls. Titled as “Moxie”, the revolutionary smartphone is powered with a patented technology and high quality camera for easy live video calls anytime.The Moxie Kickstarter campaign is geared to ring awareness to the startup innovation ecosystem, as its journey has clinched more than 100% funding with more than 150 backers in less than 25 days, with more than 30 days remaining for campaigning .Moxie resonates a heartwarming message- “See me, Hear me and Love me.”

The innovative smartphone is backed by a line of state of the art features –

1. Patented Call to Bark technology – This patented technology will enable a dog to make call on his/her owner’s cell phone, based on call time, length & frequency parameters set by the owner. On receiving the call, the owner will be able to see what his dog is doing in real time.

2. 2-way communication – The in-built speaker inside the device enables the dog owner to speak to his dog so that the latter does not feel lonely even when his/her owner is physically away from him/her. The device also carries a microphone to allow the dog to communicate with his owner.

3. Image-stabilized Fixed Focus HD Camera – Moxie is equipped with a state of the 30 fps HD camera which will allow the dog owner to view the dog’s life from the latter’s perspective. Users will benefit from high-resolution video calls that will keep both the pet and his owner closer.

4. Software app for social media upload – Moxie is not just about live video calling with your pet. The device also allows you to upload video clips of live phone calls with pets on all popular social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. It assures an adorable way to entertain your buddies and your pet’s followers in a fresh innovative way.


“We are excited to bring to you our revolutionary smartphone for dogs. The first of its kind, Moxie was developed to ensure peace of mind for all dog owners when they are unable to be physically present before their pet. Most importantly, our device will allow you to stay closer to your furry friend whenever you wish to be through multiple live video calls throughout the day. This way, you don’t have to miss out on the fun antics of your dogs and you will also be able to keep watch on your pet while sitting in office.
Moxie is all about celebrating the unconditional love between a dog owner and his best friend and is just the thing that every pet owner has been waiting for. We are sure you will love its unique approach and elegant design”, stated Dr. Tony Beizaee, who founded Moxie with Evan Jafa.“IOCVentures , has substantial funding platform to take Moxie to the world and thus this Kickstarter campaign is a vehicle to measure to get validation in respect to market fit and product fit and mainly to test the enthusiasm of early adaptors’’, stated Evan Jafa, President, Cloudify Inc., Managing Partner of IOCVentures.

‘’IOCVentures, are introducing two more products to the Kickstarter Community this year , to exercise the product fit and market fit and we are extremely proud and humbled by the backers unconditional supports and comments to achieve high productive output and validation while maintaining high morale, as we shall open the gate of our Hearts to witness the fountain of Innovation, courage and creativity, the redeeming endless flow that reconciles Love to Life’’, stated Dr. Tony Beizaee, Venture Partner,  IOCVentures Managing partner.

Media Contact
Company Name: Moxie
Contact Person: Dr. Tony Beizaee
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City: Irvine
State: CA
Country: United States
Website: for-dogs

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