Lambda Main-Net Year in Review and 2020 Development Plan


Lambda Main-net was officially launched on August 26, 2019. Since then, we have been continuously rolling out upgrades, fixing bugs and vulnerabilities, and adding more functionality to Lambda’s blockchain.

In one of the most important updates of Main-net version 0.3.0, we added the token issuance functionality, the on-chain community governance and voting, as well as tools to support developers, the community and organizations. This update marks a solid step for the Lambda project towards decentralization, community governance and ecological development.

But that is not all! Additional important functions will be announced in the future to continue building upon Lambda’s decentralized blockchain to create more real life use-cases. We have been working to develop Lambda’s Main-net storage function, which is currently in the testing phase and is expected to go live in December this year! The launch of the storage function indicates that Lambda’s decentralized storage network is about to enter the commercial application phase.

The 2019-2020 development roadmap illustrated below provides an overview of our plans:

The Main-net launch is only the first step in accomplishing the Lambda team’s vision to create advanced cloud storage and upgrade the Internet industry. While Lambda continues to update and rollout new functions, the next step for Lambda is to construct the storage commercial alliance to increase business efficiency. The alliance will serve as a third-party, independent and non-profit organization that connects IT companies and explores distributed storage applications within traditional industries. Multi-scenario applications are being built on Lambda’s blockchain to see a multi-layer storage chains (sub chains) which will cover different industries like data traffic services, video applications, personal and enterprise cloud disks, cold data backup, content distribution and more.

We look forward to continuing to share Lambda’s updates and progress!

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Xiaoyang He

Xiaoyang He, Founder & CEO of Lambda, a disruptor in blockchain-based storage solution that's bringing to the market a fast, safe, and scalable blockchain infrastructure, which provides decentralized applications (DAPPs) data storage capabilities with unlimited scalability.

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