Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Predicts 5 Billion Users in Decade and Half

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO, on Wednesday, claimed that the social networking site would have as many as 5 Billion users by 2030. The figure is nearly the total world population this year.


According to Mark Zuckerberg, in the next decade and half, Facebook would be connecting nearly everybody across the world.

He said this would be possible by working closely with governments across the world. Besides, partnership with companies from different societies too would be used for the same.

Facebook’s CEO shared this insight, at the inauguration of the new offices of the company on Thursday.

5 Billion Of 7 Billion users

Of the total world population of 7 billion in the next few decades, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) would connect as many as 5 billion of them online.

The official forecast, by the United Nations, for global population growth by 2030 is 8.5 billion.

The latest announcement by Zuckerberg is not new and is a reiteration of his mantra to ‘connect the world.’ The focus is now on the methods he would deploy to make this possible.


At the heart of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) ambitious ‘connecting the people’ proposal is the independent, non-profit program, Internet.org. The platform which is built to make Facebook the default browser of the online world is expected to open ‘windows of access’ to people in remote and rural areas of the world.

That, Facebook will gain users from this altruistic efforts is negligible predict those who support Internet.org.

The program has run into much opposition in some of the countries like India, which see Facebook altering the local ‘net neutrality’ domain by collaborating with a few well-heeled internet service providers. They see internet.org upsetting the level playing ground that currently exists in the country.

Faced by such opposition in the world’s most populous nation, it needs to be seen if Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will be able to achieve its target of 5 Billion users on schedule.

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