Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Expands Audience Network to Mobile Web

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is expanding its in-app advertising network, Audience Network, to include mobile websites having played hosts to mobile apps only, until now. The expansion is part of the company’s push to expand its ad networks to target more advertisers.


Attracting More Advertisers

Integrating Audience Network in mobile websites should open up the platform to more publishers. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) expects the expansion to open up the platform to an additional 2.5 million advertisers. Success on this front should be a milestone achievement for the giant social network as it continues to battle for market share in the highly competitive advertising business.

Facebook continues to work with global publishers such as Elite Daily, Hearst, and Time Inc as it tries to attract more customers to its platform. With the partnerships, advertisers can now access native ad units on Audience Network as it also helps the publishers create native and standard ad formats.

The expansion drive into mobile websites should be a point of concern for Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL). The search giant through AdSense has dominated advertising on desktop. Facebook now has an opportunity to leapfrog it when it comes to mobile advertising in line with the current transition to mobile.

Audience Network Threat on Adsense

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s efforts on mobile advertising pose the biggest threat on Google on the fact that advertisers could soon switch their allegiance to mobile platforms. Audience Network is certainly a big threat to Google in the fact that it promises advertisers the ability to leverage a big audience base.

A major selling point for Audience Network is the fact that it promises ad buys in addition to native ad units as opposed to AdSense which is restricted to text and banner ads. Ads hosted on the platform also tend to be less obtrusive while coming with a more customizable native ad format.

Audience network has been on an impressive run having already hit a billion dollar run rate. The impressive run allowed Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to register a 78% increase in ad revenue in the fourth quarter that came in at $4.29 billion.

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