Apple Exploring New iPhone Security Measures

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) plans to take iPhones security defenses to another level amidst an ongoing standoff with the FBI. Proposed new measures according to reports will make it hard for the government to unblock a locked phone in future.

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New Security Measures

Engineers at Apple had begun working on a new solution even before the San Bernardino attacks. It is still unclear which kind of measures Apple is looking at. However reports indicate most of them will seek to patch all loopholes the government could look to explore in future.

Security researcher, Jonathan Zdziarski says they have pitched Apple about 50 different ideas which they could use to enhance iPhone’s security. The company has already made strides on the same, CEO, Tim Cook having said they cannot be able to access customer’s data from their end.

Each iPhone at the moment has a built-in troubleshooting system that Apple can use to update an iPhone without the need of a passcode. It is an opening that the FBI wants to exploit as part of the ongoing investigations. Apple is reportedly considering shutting down this opening permanently.

Blocking Court Orders

Succeeding on new security measures is the last thing security forces would love to hear as it would go a long way in making their work difficult. Apple’s move does not come as a surprise as it continues to fight a court order that requires it to create a backdoor on its products. By enhancing security measure, the tech giant believes it will not be subjected to court orders in future.

The only way out of the current standoff is Congress being dragged into the matter. Congress is the only body that has the power to decide who can gain access to such critical data. Wiretapping laws at the moment requires carriers to make their data accessible to security agencies when need arises. However, the same laws don’t apply to the likes of Alphabet Inc and Apple.

Since Edward Snowden made revelations about government spying, tech giants have been retooling their products all in the effort of safeguarding people’s data. Apple sees security as a marketing strategy and one of the reason it is looking to make iPhones even more secure.

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